Lee Silverman Voice Treatment

I am delighted to have completed another course of LSVT LOUD® with a client. It is always a privilege to have the opportunity to carry out this treatment with clients. I never fail to be amazed at their tenacity and drive to complete the course of four weeks intensive therapy.

What is LSVT LOUD®?

LSVT stands for Lee Silverman Voice Treatment and is a world-wide, renowned, evidence-based speech treatment for people with Parkinson’s. It works on the principles of neuroplasticity and motor programming.

How is speech affected in Parkinson’s?

Typically, in Parkinson’s the voice becomes quieter, has reduced intonation and speech can sound mumbled. This can make is harder to understand what the individual is saying and can result in people feeling unable to join in conversations.

How does LSVT work?

The aim is to re-programme the feedback loop in the brain so the person with Parkinson’s is confident to use a loud voice.

Is this not just shouting?

Definitely not! This way of speaking is about targeting normal loudness. In Parkinson’s, the brain loses its ability to recognise the softer voice, resulting in the individual hearing their own voice as being adequately loud even though it is in fact too quiet. LSVT re-trains the brain to produce & hear a true ‘loud’, normal volume voice and to use it for everyday speech.

This quote from the LSVT Global website summarises the concept well:

The goal is for individuals to “rev up” their stronger voice with daily practice so they can use it comfortably in daily communication. Further, this will become a life-long habit of practice, even after the 16 sessions of treatment are completed

(July 2018)

What is involved?

The treatment involves 4 therapy sessions of about 1-hour therapy per week, for 4 consecutive weeks with additional homework and exercises designed to help the individual generalise the treatment into everyday speech.

There is an initial assessment session to establish the individual’s suitability for the treatment and a follow-up session one or two months after the intensive treatment block.

How much does it cost?

Currently costs £1000 plus travel.

Follow the link to my LSVT page to find out more.

After therapy?

Maintaining your new voice is important. You can achieve this in many ways:

1)      Continue practising your daily exercises

2)     Attend any NHS speech and language appointments and groups that are offered to you

3)    Attend one of our local Parkinson’s Communication Boot Camp Groups. These are great fun and held at least monthly in:


  •             Stafford
  •             Hednesford
  •             North Staffs (Red Street)


For more information about these groups, please contact me on:

Mobile: 07798807811



Or, contact your local Parkinson’s Branch:


(August 2018)