Please take a look at some of our testimonials below.

May I say that your presentation was very good and certainly got over the point for Speech Therapy.
I have spoken to several members since Monday and they were very impressed with what you did in the short time we had available for you.
Once again thank you.

Harry, The Chase Parkinson’s Group, December 2018

Talking about LSVT, Karen says: "Intensive course delivered with true passion and determination. Tracy is a great motivator".

Karen, Lichfield, July 2018

Talking about the regular Communication Groups: "Credit where credit is due, as they say! We all agreed that we have noticed a difference in the quality of the voices of the people participating in your sessions, including the one who sits on the Committee. So thank you for your work".

Committee of North Staffs Branch Parkinson’s UK, February 2018

I can't thank Tracy enough.
I suffered a really serious pneumonia in June 2017 which left me unable to swallow and with a palsied vocal cord rendering my voice very weak and whispery.
I was told that it could be two years before things returned to normal, if at all.
Tracy's approach was fantastic - always structured and highly professional, but with a creative flair that really got results

Having resigned myself to a life of tube feeding and not being able to make myself heard, I was eating and drinking in 6 weeks, followed by regaining proper vocal tone inside 6 months.
I could not have made this amount of progress without Tracy's dedication and inventiveness, and I recommend Speakmore unreservedly.

Steve, Staffordshrie, January 2018

I had been diagnosed with Globus Pharyngeal and was rather concerned as that weekend I was going to be lecturing for two days and had lost confidence in my voice.
I decided to do something about it privately and contacted Tracy and I am extremely glad that I did.
We had one session within which she explained in far more depth than the consultant what my problem probably was. This was reassuring in itself but even more useful were the exercises she gave me to do and some practical tips on how to alleviate the symptoms. They worked a treat and the weekend lecturing passed without a problem.

I can highly recommend Tracy. She is, as you would expect, knowledgeable about her subject but is also able to communicate its complexities in a way that is understandable. I also found that she actually listened to what I had to say rather than jump to any conclusions and had at her fingertips many and varied practical solutions to the problem.

Philip Xeri @ yogaquests.co.uk, September 2017

"Vocal cord surgery left my voice weakened and hoarse, and was affecting my social confidence. On our first appointment, at home, Tracy quickly identified several basic improvement pointers, from breathing technique, to larynx relaxation and speed of delivery. On subsequent visits we worked through various exercises tailored to my needs. The net effect has been an ongoing improvement in my voice quality and, perhaps more importantly, my vocal confidence. I am happy to unreservedly recommend Tracy to anyone requiring skilled speech therapy"

Ian Kyle, Stoke-On-Trent, October 2017

It was all enjoyable & interesting. It makes you understand people who need help with feeding.

Eating and drinking difficulties training session

It was very informative and surprising!

Carers, nursing home in Staffordshire, April 2017

I learnt a lot from the training course and will take it with me into care. It was really helpful and Tracy was lovely.

Carers, Care Home, Uttoxeter, May 2017

Our daughter always looks forward to her speech therapy sessions. Tracy is extremely professional while also making each session challenging and fun. We appreciate the wonderful job she is doing and would not hesitate recommending Tracy to others.

Sheila, Stoke-on-Trent, June 2017